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Blog Comment Spam Honeypot

January 25th, 2010 6 comments

One of the most common vectors for distributing malware nowadays is spamming blogs with comments pointing to malicious sites that host exploits, malware, rogue antiviruses or other types of scams.

In order to analyze the huge volume of spam comments that come in through our various Panda Blogs (PandaLabs, Panda Research, Panda Cloud Antivirus Blog, etc.) Iker from PandaLabs has developed a “blog comment spam honeypot” which is basically a modified Akismet plugin for WordPress. The honeypot basically posts everything that Akismet detects as spam into an XML which is then processed and all links are followed to detect malware, exploits, drive-by downloads, etc.

If you have a wordpress blog and would like to install the honeypot to send your trapped spam to PandaLabs for analysis, simply download and install the blog comment spam honeypot.

Thanks to Iker for all his work on spam research.

New Panda Research Blog Style

November 18th, 2009 6 comments

As you will notice we’ve migrated the Panda Research blog to a new platform, which I’m hoping will take less time to manage, specially moderating comments and filtering spam, which took a lot of time with the cumbersome Microsoft blogging platform.

If you’ve posted a comment which hasn’t made the migration, please post it again. I’ll try my best to moderate it as soon as possible.