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Compatibility with Windows 7

February 26th, 2009 54 comments

As some of you may know Microsoft is currently working on its next Operating System called Windows 7. It introduces quite some improvements in usability, efficiency and information management. It's definately worth a try.

To help you evaluate Windows 7 we've just released a beta of Panda Antivirus Pro 2009 for Windows 7. It includes the latest Panda anti-malware engine, heuristics and Collective Intelligence scanning-from-the-cloud. 

You can download the beta of Panda Antivirus Pro 2009 for Windows 7 directly from here.

More information about Panda for Windows 7 at

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Panda Collective Intelligence and VirusTotal

February 12th, 2009 21 comments

As you know we've been using Panda Collective Intelligence from-the-cloud-scanning technologies since about two years ago, initially in our online scanners ActiveScan and also in our Panda 2009 consumer products. Thanks to Collective Intelligence we are able to use complete automation (community-driven information, threat analysis, multiple technology checks, malware/goodware determination and signature creation) to protect against the newest and most dangerous variants faster than using the traditional signature approach.

I'm happy to report that we've now integrated the Panda Collective Intelligence cloud-scanning technology into the VirusTotal service. You'll notice it by the 10.x version numbering next to the Panda engine.

To see Panda Collective Intelligence in action let's look at a new malware that started spreading a few hours ago (MD5: a0713a3639c9d4901daf774022f4bfd2). It is an Adware/Antivirus2009 rogue antivirus. Let's run it through VirusTotal and see the results as of 02.12.2009 12:35:51 (CET):


Check the updated VirusTotal scan result here (search for a0713a3639c9d4901daf774022f4bfd2) to see how other engines add detection progressively.

Progress on Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO)

February 9th, 2009 2 comments

Last week the 4th AMTSO meeting took place in Cupertino, hosted by Symantec. As you may remember Panda Security hosted the first AMTSO meeting in Bilbao early last year.

This has been by far the most productive AMTSO meeting so far. We really advanced a lot in specifying different testing guidelines, principles, education documents and methodologies. Please watch the AMTSO website at for these official documents. Some of the most important documents that are either already published or which we worked on during last week are the following:

  • AMTSO Fundamental Principles of Testing
  • AMTSO Best Practices for Dynamic Testing
  • AMTSO Best Practices for In-The-Cloud Testing
  • AMTSO Review of Reviews
  • AMTSO Whole Product Testing
  • Educational Documents such as Obtaining Samples, Creating Samples and Verificating Samples

It was truly a great experience to work alongside such a great group of professionals including testing organizations such AV-Test, ICSA, NSS, CheckMark, AV-Comparatives, PC Magazine and competing AV vendors. As always I have some pics for you:




Of course there was also a fun part to the trip. We had a few days to relax and went to San Francisco with Philipp from Avira and Nick from SonicWall to have a good time. As you can see from the pics below the locals were really friendly :)



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